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January 26, 2001
More attempts at changes are being made. Stay tuned for the Baron Von Ass & Gnome Funny Papers!

The BILLY IDOL Lyric Of The Week!
Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee

"Drunk 'n' stupid 'n' naked. Love me."
The Loveless
(You know, this has been up for a while but can you think of a more quintessential Billy Idol lyric? I can't bear to change it.)
Happy Crappy!

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Lokar, Potentate Of Thug Locusts
Bon soir, yon plebians.
Forgive me, lower brain forms, for intruding upon your unfortunate enjoyment of this insipid entre into this 'revolutionary' and 'educational marvel' that is collectively referred to by the feeble human populace as 'The World Wide Web,' or as I refer to it, 'the colossal impotence of humankind.' I shall have to throw my proverbial chapeau into the squared circle, aligning myself with that 'Plumpers' Fundak fellow that this silly Baron person seems to approve of, in declaring this Web Of Iniquity as trite, superfluous, and altogether wretched, worthy of only the most spat upon of carnival freaks. If you continue to insist on dawdling pointlessly within this realm of pretendy play-time, there is now nothing further you may expect a fabulously intellectual and ineluctably superior Brainchild Of The Heavens such as moi to do to prevent the complete degredation of your cognitive abilities, not to mention the erosion of what little social interaction your putrid epidermis and colonized coiff might have afforded you. I have now spoken my piece. I relinquish you back to your fancy prepackaged television squalor. Simpleton.

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